Cereal is a biannual, travel & style magazine based in the United Kingdom. Each issue focusses on a select number of destinations, alongside engaging interviews and stories on unique design, art, and fashion.

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  • Dan Pearson at Hillside

    Time and Space to Wait

    Gardener Dan Pearson shares his restrained and patient approach to planting his own garden at Hillside

  • Landon Metz

    A Short Film

    A short film showing the work of artist Landon Metz alongside the landscape of the Arizona Desert, where Landon grew up and draws great inspiration.

    • Location New York and Arizona, USA
    • Credits
    • Music by Lori Goldston
  • Suminagashi

    8 November, 2017

    A video showcasing Calico Wallpaper’s use of Suminagashi, a process of marbling paper with water and ink.

  • Samsung + Cereal: The Apartment

    2 September, 2016

    A short film on Graanmarkt 13: a concept store, restaurant and apartment in the centre of Antwerp. Produced in partnership with SAMSUNG Serif TV.

    • Location Antwerp, Belgium
    • Credits
      • Video & Production: R&J
    • Music 'Your Gentle Smile Again' by Chairhouse
  • Perfumer H

    23 March, 2016

    We’ve produced a short film that introduces you to perfumer Lyn Harris and her London Atelier – Perfumer H.

    • Location London, UK
    • Credits
      • Video & Production: R&J
    • Music 'Arigatou' by Chair House
  • Language of Aesthetics

    Romy Northover x Silent Living
    • Location Lisbon, Portugal
    • Credits
    • Music by Ash James & Daniel Benjamin

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